Raiders' QB race causes circus 

September, 5, 2007
Lane Kiffin seemed very uncomfortable handling his unnamed starting quarterback situation on Wednesday. While it appears Josh McCown will get the start, Kiffin isn't saying whether it will be him or Daunte Culpepper. In fact, one Bay area reporter got in Kiffin's face a little trying to drill him as the reason he wasn't naming the starter. Kiffin didn't give him an answer to that. It created more media prodding in the locker room and put McCown and Culpepper in uncomfortable positions in answering questions when they supposedly knew the answers. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't be honest in giving answers because Kiffin told them not to reveal anything. This didn't have to be as much of a circus. Culpepper may have done a few more things on the field than McCown in the preseason because he is the more talented quarterback, but McCown, who's been working in this Kiffin offense since May, doesn't make as many mistakes. For a critical game against Detroit, the Raiders just need to win, baby. They can't afford the chance of quarterback mistakes. Kiffin also didn't name his starting center either.

Triple threat: Joe Gibbs opted to make Todd Collins the Redskins backup quarterback over Mark Brunell, but there isn't any move to trade Brunell even though he is now No. 3. Gibbs spoke about the value of having depth at quarterback. Collins is familiar with Al Saunders' offensive system. Brunell is getting older, but he can still be a long-term starter if there is an injury to starter Jason Campbell. All those rumors of a Brunell trade simply weren't wrong. Gibbs wants to win now, and if it means keeping three veteran quarterbacks, that's fine with him.

Not a quick study: Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel had the line of the day. He was asked about the recent visit by former Patriots receiver Reche Caldwell to the Jets, the Patriots division rival and season-opening opponent. "Reche barely knew our offense, so I know he doesn't know our defense. That's the end of that question," Vrabel said. Caldwell remains unsigned. He wasn't considered the quickest to learn the Patriots offense in one season even though he led the receivers in receptions.