Hall fight a good sign 

September, 26, 2007
The fact that cornerback DeAngelo Hall is going to fight his $100,000 fine is a sign this was a fair team penalty for his blowout that possibly cost the Falcons a game against the Panthers.

Hall made three dumb penalties in a stretch that gave the Panthers an easier chance to beat the Falcons. Suspending him would be too much. Sure, his lack of composure cost the Falcons a game. Suspending him could mean it would cost the Falcons two games if they lose to the Texans. Bobby Petrino is not going to start Hall this week but is probably going to get him into the game after the first quarter.

Discipline is one thing but costing the team two games in a 16-game schedule is a little too much. What will be interesting to see, though, is how the Falcons stance will affect Hall's long-term relationship with the team. Right now, it's probably not pretty good.