Bengals to bring in Alexander

May, 1, 2008
The Bengals are making a great public relations move by bringing in former Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander for a visit Monday. He grew up near Cincinnati and is a popular player. It still might not lead to a job. Rudi Johnson is coming off a healthy offseason. And Chris Perry should be able to do some things in minicamp after years of injuries. The Bengals also like Kenny Watson and DeDe Dorsey. But if a back gets injuries, Alexander could be a nice option. It's worth the visit.

Roster ready?: The Broncos signed former Jets defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson to a six-year, $24 million contract. But the deal is contingent on Robertson making the team. Robertson has a $900,000 base and a $3.1 million bonus if he makes the roster. The Broncos gave up a conditional pick to acquire Robertson. If he doesn't make the team, they may not have to give up a draft choice. But if he does well with the Broncos, the Jets could get as much as a third-round choice.

Simms trade bait: You have to think the Bucs would have traded quarterback Chris Simms if they had a solid offer. Including the retired Jake Plummer, the Bucs have seven quarterbacks. They had only five draft choices over the weekend and would have loved to pick up a choice or two for Simms. With six quarterbacks heading to camp, the odds favor Simms being cut if a trade can't be worked out.


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