Favre-Packer relationship on thin ice

July, 26, 2008
Once again, the Brett Favre-Packers relationship breakdown needs a mediator.

Favre is threatening to show up at Packers camp Sunday even though he hasn't filed his reinstatement papers. The Packers have granted permission to the Jets and Bucs to talk to Favre, but the price of acquiring him is a first-round choice, unreasonable for a one- or two-year fix at quarterback. Favre probably doesn't want to talk to the Jets, who might not be a playoff team. Once again, commissioner Roger Goodell might have to get involved.

Goodell can put all of this in perspective. For example, by now, he should be able to figure out whether the Vikings tampered in the Favre sweepstakes. If so, the Vikings will lose at least one draft choice. If it's Goodell perception that the Vikings' tampering affected the relationship between Favre and the Packers, he can give the Packers a substantial enough draft choice that they can take less from the Bucs in a deal for Favre.

Let's say the Bucs give up a fourth-round pick and the Packers get a third-round pick. A combination like that could work. The Packers must accept that Favre's return from retirement can't be turned into a bushel of draft choices. The longer this goes, the worse it gets.

Packer phone? It's pretty clear Brett Favre didn't have a Packers-issued cell phone. Why? If he did, the Packers would be called on the carpet for violations of the salary cap. That would be a financial perk that could cost the Packers a draft choice. Anyone who knows Favre knows his calls come from a Mississippi area code.

Good sign: The most encouraging sight at the Colts' training camp came in trainer-directed bag drills. Defensive end Dwight Freeney did a little bit of running between bags and moved well. He had a bounce to his step and some explosion. Coming off his Lisfranc injury, that's a good sign. Freeney said he will sit out three weeks of practice before being cleared for contact work, but he's clearly ahead of schedule.

Generation gap: Here's one reason Brett Favre might not want to go to the New York Jets: He'd be older than the head coach and some of the top offensive assistants. Favre worked with a young offense last year, but it might not be his desire to work with younger bosses.

Haynesworth makes deal: Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth signed his one-year franchise tender, but he will have to be a dominating tackle again to hit the unrestricted free-agent market. To block the Titans from franchising him next year, Haynesworth would probably have to maintain a high level of play, go to the Pro Bowl and have the Titans achieve a certain level of success. Terms weren't available.



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