Rebuilding of Lions can officially commence 

September, 24, 2008
The weird part about the firing of Matt Millen is that rebuilding the Lions may come down to what they do with a wide receiver, the position that seemed to bring the most heat on Millen during his tenure as team president. Millen invested four high first-round picks on wide receivers -- Charles Rogers, Roy Williams, Mike Williams and Calvin Johnson. Rogers and Mike Williams are gone. Roy Williams is a free agent after the season. The key to the rebuilding process is what level of value Detroit can get in exchange for Roy Williams, who can be franchised and traded. If the Lions can get a first-rounder and another high pick or more for him, they can begin to rebuild. They should have a top-five or top-seven pick next year. The roster has to be rebuilt, and Williams could be one of the keys to getting that accomplished.

In so many words, Jenkins OK: The Jets have to be relieved that nose tackle Kris Jenkins did not suffer damage to his back during Monday night's loss to the Chargers. Jenkins left early with tightness and did not return. Jets players aren't allowed to talk about injuries. Brett Favre, for example, couldn't go into details about his sore ankle, but he's made it clear through friends he will play in Week 4. About his back, Jenkins said, "I am feeling better and I have been getting treatment working on it. I am not at liberty to go into details about anything, but I am taking it day by day doing the best I can. I am not going on IR, so it's a plus." Jenkins smiled when he said that.

Plax pays justified price: The two-week suspension for Giants receiver Plaxico Burress shouldn't be a surprise. His five-year, $35 million contract extension came not just with a well-deserved pay raise, but with the expectation that Burress had to be more dedicated to practices and offseason programs. Missing a Monday practice and not informing the team were violations that weren't going to be tolerated. Normally, a player doing that would be fined, but the situation was different for Burress. He wanted the money but he had to accept the extra responsibility. For missing practice, he had to pay a heavy price.