Raiders release Hall for cap space 

November, 5, 2008
The release of cornerback DeAngelo Hall starts what will be cap problems for the Raiders next season. They aren't insurmountable, but there are problems. The Raiders have to eat $5.8 million of cap room for Hall's release next season, which is six-sevenths of his $7 million signing bonus. That leaves $5.4 million of cap room for next season. Of course, had they kept Hall, they would have been at the cap. It's pretty easy to figure out that Al Davis is trying to find ways to get his cap in shape and get more out of his underachieving players. What's clear, though, is the team overspent in 2008. Now Davis is realizing that his spree in free agency and the Hall trade didn't work out. The only way Hall would have had money guaranteed in 2009 is if he were on the Raiders' roster on Feb. 11, 2009. His release Wednesday ended those thoughts.

No picks for Oakland: Probably worse than the potential cap problems for the Raiders is the fact they don't have picks in the second and third rounds of the 2009 draft. They gave up second- and fifth-round picks for Hall. They have only five remaining draft choices, including a first and two fourths. Because they spent more than they lost in free agency, the Raiders won't get any compensatory picks. What Davis has to watch is giving away too many players because it's going to be hard with only five draft choices and only one pick in the first three rounds to be able to find replacement starters.

Culpepper took chance: Daunte Culpepper was willing to take some risks to secure a new NFL home with the contract he negotiated with the Detroit Lions. He received a $40,000 signing bonus and a pro-rated portion of a $730,000 salary. The Lions guaranteed he would receive $343,529 in base salary the rest of the season. The Lions gave him a $1 million performance bonus if he plays a minimal amount of time. Next year, Culpepper could make a $2.5 million base salary and another $2.5 million for making the team. With Dan Orlovsky unlikely to play Sunday against the Jaguars, Culpepper could get enough playing time to earn that $1 million bonus. Orlovsky is going to visit a hand specialist Thursday in New York because of his right thumb.