Favre knew it was time

February, 11, 2009
In his conference call with reporters Wednesday, Brett Favre couldn't have been more honest about his career being over. Favre was honest about the severity of the injury he suffered to his right biceps tendon. Eventually, if he kept throwing, the biceps tendon would've completely torn and he would've needed surgery. At 39, Favre wasn't willing to go through that. Favre may have driven the NFL world crazy this past offseason by retiring, then coming out of retirement and getting traded to the Jets, and many may have been worried he would do it again this offseason. But Favre couldn't ignore his injury -- with a biceps tear, the arm was only going to get worse -- and accepted reality: it was time to retire.

Clearing cap space: By putting Favre on the reserve-retired list, the Jets cleared $13 million of cap room and now don't have any cap issues. On Monday, the Jets were close to being $10 million over the cap. With Favre's retirement and the release of cornerback David Barrett, the Jets have cleared $18.1 million worth of room in two days and are now $7.5 million under the cap.

Cowboys target Pendergast: Although no interview is scheduled yet, there remains a good chance former Cardinals defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast will end up with the Dallas Cowboys. Wade Phillips is interested in adding Pendergast to the staff. First, Phillips has to see if the money is there to add Pendergast. The plan next season is for Phillips to call Dallas' defensive plays, but the team hasn't replaced departed defensive coordinator Brian Stewart.

Jags cut their losses: Even though the Jaguars lost $16.5 million with their failed 2008 free-agent signings of cornerback Drayton Florence and wide receiver Jerry Porter, they did save $4.1 million of cap room by releasing them Wednesday. Apparently, the Jaguars felt they didn't want to keep bad investments around. By releasing the two, the Jaguars had to assume $5 million of dead money on their $123 million cap, which is the remaining proration of their contracts. Overall, though, the Jags don't have many cap worries -- they have $18 million available.



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