Boldin to Baltimore makes sense 

April, 16, 2009
The sleeper team in the Anquan Boldin sweepstakes is the Baltimore Ravens. When you think about it, trading Boldin to Baltimore works better for the Cardinals than dealing him to the Giants or Eagles.

If the Cardinals trade Boldin to the Eagles or Giants, he could come back to haunt Arizona in the playoffs. If he goes to an AFC team, Boldin would face the Cardinals only once every four years. For the Ravens, acquiring Boldin makes more sense than drafting a receiver in the first round.

Harrison update: Even though the Colts could have a need for a third wide receiver, don't expect them to bring back Marvin Harrison. Though Harrison may still be able to help a team, it would be hard for Harrison to accept coming back to the Colts' locker room at a diminished salary. The Colts can only afford to sign free agents at low prices because of the salary cap. Harrison had been a $9 million-a-year wide receiver. Harrison still remains one of the most talented receivers available in free agency, but his market hasn't been established yet.