Quinn drawing ire for hit on Suggs 

November, 19, 2009
The one problem facing quarterback Brady Quinn -- besides being a member of a bad Browns team -- is that his low hit on Ravens defensive end Terrell Suggs isn't going over well with defensive players around the league.

According to sources, defensive players, already upset because they believe quarterbacks get too much protection from officials with penalties, are irate that Quinn would take a low hit on Suggs so far away from the play on an interception. Quinn was fined $10,000, but Suggs might be out for three to six weeks with an MCL sprain. If it takes six weeks for him to recover, he's going to miss all but one game the rest of the way.

Line adjustment: If the Broncos go to Chris Simms because of Kyle Orton's ankle injury, their offensive line will be in a tough position. Ryan Clady is one of the best left tackles in the league and does a great job of protecting a right-handed quarterback's blind side. Simms is a left-handed quarterback, and it's unlikely he'll be asked to switch sides in the middle of a week. That puts rookie Tyler Polumbus in position to protect Simms' blind side. Orton hasn't practiced for two days and is questionable for Sunday's game against the Chargers.