Seahawks content to let Holmgren join Browns 

December, 17, 2009
According to several sources, the Seattle Seahawks aren't going to jump in and make Mike Holmgren their general manager while he decides whether to accept an offer to run the Cleveland Browns.

The Seahawks, according to a source, touched base with Holmgren earlier this week and wished him luck on his efforts to land a top front office job. Holmgren was told the Seahawks were going to start a search, but his name wasn't on the list. Expect Holmgren to decide whether to join the Browns by the weekend.

Money isn't going to be a big problem for the Browns and Holmgren. Although it has been reported Holmgren could make as much as $10 million a year in Cleveland, the figure is expected to be more around the $5 million range. Bill Parcells received about $2.5 million a year when he took over the Dolphins, but his salary has escalated to about $3.5 million a year. One of the provisions for Holmgren is that he must live in Cleveland. Holmgren loves living on the West Coast, which is why he cherished the idea of getting back to Seattle.