Del Rio has staying power 

January, 12, 2010
It's hard to believe Jack Del Rio has survived seven years in Jacksonville and will get an eighth. Del Rio is a good coach, but there appears to be strains in his relationship with ownership. Nevertheless, Tuesday's meeting between Del Rio and owner Wayne Weaver resulted in Del Rio staying for another season.

Did Del Rio deserve to be fired? No way. Despite the Jaguars' four-game losing streak to end the season, Del Rio did a great job in getting seven wins out of a team in transition. As much as Weaver says economics didn't come into play in the decision to keep Del Rio, you have to think they did. Del Rio has $15 million coming to him over the next three years and it doesn't look as though Del Rio could count on Southern Cal hiring him.

Just in case you're wondering, sources indicate the leading candidates for the Jacksonville job -- if it became open -- were Connecticut coach Randy Edsall and Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey.