Browns might have to wait for QB 

March, 15, 2010
Now that they have released Derek Anderson and traded Brady Quinn, the Browns need to draft a quarterback, and the likelihood is they will have to get one after the first round.

Even though the Browns have 12 picks, including the seventh overall choice, they might not be able to get to the No. 3 spot to take Jimmy Clausen. That puts the Browns more in the market for the second- or third-round quarterbacks.

Expected absence: Ben Roethlisberger's absence from the beginning of the Steelers' offseason program isn't a surprise. Normally, Roethlisberger attends minicamps and key offseason functions, but he spends most of his time away from the Steelers' facility during the offseason. With police in Georgia investigating a recent complaint, it was unlikely Big Ben would be in Pittsburgh for the offseason program.