Denver must learn to play from behind

The Denver Broncos are 5-1 for the third consecutive season, which would be a good omen had the previous two seasons not ended so badly. Is there anything the Broncos can do to avoid another second-half collapse? My research shows a play-calling tendency the Broncos' brain trust needs to correct.

One of the questions I am asked quite frequently is "Why do you focus on the vertical passing game so much?" The reason I focus on vertical passes is because they contain the most beneficial and most harmful plays in a game. Deep passes gain the most yards, but they also contain the highest percentage of interceptions. Deep passes also have the lowest completion percentage, so they have the highest number of incompletions.

Remember that old adage: "Three things can happen when you pass the ball, and two of them are bad"? That line really applies to the vertical passing game. It is often the way teams balance the risk/reward of deep passes that determines whether they win or lose.