Taylor, Williams inflicting pain

San Francisco's Ronnie Lott had the tip of his left pinkie amputated during the 1986 offseason so he wouldn't have to worry about re-injuring it. Most ordinary men may have considered other options, but taking that path made missing time less likely, so Lott simply did it.

His ability to put his team's well-being above his own made Lott one of the best and most feared defensive backs in the league. He threw his body around with reckless abandon, whether it was trying to bring down an opposing back, or trying to behead a receiver that was bold enough to go over the middle.

It would be unfair to compare any of today's safeties with Lott, but there are those who approach the game in much the same way. These are players defined by their fearlessness, physical style of play and nonstop motors. Here is a list of the top five.