Smith, Mason students of the game

Jerry Rice was never as fast as Randy Moss or as strong as Terrell Owens, but he was the best receiver to ever play the game because he paid attention to detail. He worked hard during the offseason, thoroughly prepared for every opponent and always refined his technique. As a result, he had the burst to get open late in games, knew the weaknesses of his opponents and was an excellent route-runner.

Here are five players who share Rice's commitment to excellence and work hard to make the most of their abilities.

Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis Colts

Marvin Harrison Harrison

One of Harrison's biggest strengths is his ability to read defenses accurately and quickly. He does an excellent job of locating seams and settling into a soft spot when working against zone coverage. Harrison also does an excellent job of using his quick feet to set up defensive backs with a move before getting into his route.