Plays that boggle the mind

It was another great weekend of football, but also another weekend that left me frustrated as I watched some players make stupid mistakes. I was a professional football player, so I realize the hard work and study that goes into making a team successful. I also know that as much as some people try to portray this sport as just a physical one, much intelligence comes into play.

Playing professional football is just like any other job in terms of having to prepare to be the best. It takes hours of film study, playbook study and work on the practice field for each play to be executed to perfection. Every player on the football field has been playing since a young age and has made it this far not only because of his physical talent but also because he was smart enough to understand the myriad of subtleties and changes that go into executing a play.

This isn't a game for dummies, by any means, which is why it's astounding and frustrating for me to see the same mistakes being made week in and week out. Here are just a few of the more frustrating units and just plain stupid moves that have irritated me this season.