Cowboys face offseason of uncertainty

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Who's better off going into the offseason, Dallas or the New York Giants?

Lubbock, Texas


Eli Manning Manning

You may think I'm crazy, but I think because the Giants were able to answer some questions about their quarterback they are much better off. Even though Eli Manning struggled for most of his first full-time tenure as the Gaints' starter, the learning curve has already taken the team into '05 with no doubt about who will be playing the most vital position. That gives them a giant leg up on their division rival for 2005. Sure, they have to weed out some of the moaners and complainers who have not accepted Tom Coughlin's disciplined ways, but next year the players will have a much better idea of what to expect and how to deal with it.

The fact that the Cowboys stuck with Vinny Testaverde for all of the '04 campaign leaves a big question as to where they turn for '05. I don't care if Drew Henson or Tony Romo didn't shine enough in practice to warrant game-time training the last month of the season. In my opinion the Cowboys missed a great opportunity to find out for sure. I think the Cowboys' roster is in for a full-fledged shakeup if they want to return to the playoffs. This is not a talented football team.