Time to break up Dolphins' D?

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Zach Thomas Thomas

The Miami Dolphins are expected to change their style of defense. Some guys might not be suited for the new style, prominently LB Zach Thomas. What value in a trade would Thomas have? Do you see the Dolphins moving Jason Taylor for picks?

Excellent point. The Dolphins would have no problem trading players like Zach Thomas or Jason Taylor, but I don't see it coming to that. Nick Saban is a coach whom I would think is willing to use his personnel in whatever way gets the most out of them. No two players play with more heart and soul than the two guys you mentioned, and I think they both could fit into any system.

Also, they both would have fairly big signing bonus amounts that would accelerate against their cap if they're traded, so that might also prohibit such action.

Let's say Saban does decide to move one, though. Could you think of a better move for both teams than to trade Zach Thomas for franchised RB Shaun Alexander in Seattle? The Seahawks obviously need help on defense, and the Fins desperately need a proven RB. What am I missing?