T.O.'s stance could prove costly

Most of us figured when the Eagles acquired Terrell Owens from San Francisco, where he had worn out his welcome, it was only a matter of time before the same happened in Philadelphia. But in one year?

I'm not sure any of us thought it could happen after what T.O accomplished on the field in '04 for the Eagles. He was everything he had been in the past and then some. His performance in the Super Bowl was one of legendary status on its own. He could have been the king of Philly for years to come. He was headed for the rarified status of Philadelphia's great all-time sports stars.

Enter an ill-advised decision to publicly demand a new, much more lucrative contract. Bad move. T.O and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, miscalculated the fact the environment for holdouts and renegotiations has changed in pro sports in the last decade. It doesn't garner the support of the fans like it once did, and the collective bargaining agreement between the players union and owners has included tougher rules and penalties to eliminate it from the game. Here is a closer look at what I mean.