Law might have to lower demands

NFL fans looking for something to follow besides the soap opera in Philadelphia between Terrell Owens and the Eagles' front office can focus over the next few weeks on what I think is the most interesting signing to be. That would be former Patriots cornerback Ty Law and his attempt, with the help of agents Kevin and Carl Poston, to find a home for the 2005 season and beyond.

Several angles make this a case worth following. Law missed the final nine games of last season, including the playoffs and Super Bowl, because of a broken left foot. The injury required surgery, and the latest chapter unfolded about two weeks ago when he had screws removed. He reportedly has been cleared to jog straight ahead but can't cut, accelerate, turn and run or perform any other skills required to play defensive back at any level, much less in the NFL. A broken foot for a defensive back is a major concern. It's anyone's guess if Law will regain the explosiveness he needs to react and cover, and there's always the threat of re-injury.

Ty Law Law

Other stumbling blocks remain as well. Teams have very little precious cap room at this point. As we approach June 1 and teams prepare to sign their draft picks, they are looking to create cap space, not use it up. During this part of the offseason, teams frequently must balance money added to the cap by directly subtracting, and releasing players.