2016631(206)RamsMichael ThomasWRSouthern Miss
Pick NoteFrom CAR through CHI
2016732(253)TitansKalan ReedCBSouthern Miss
Pick NoteFrom DEN
2015641(217)ChiefsRakeem Nunez-RochesDTSouthern Miss
Pick NoteCompensatory
2014321(85)PackersKhyri ThorntonDTSouthern Miss
2013220(52)PatriotsJamie CollinsOLBSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Minnesota
2012328(91)FalconsLamar HolmesOTSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Baltimore
2009421(121)BillsShawn NelsonTESouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Philadelphia
2009430(130)TitansGerald McRathILBSouthern Miss
2008633(199)GiantsRobert HendersonDESouthern Miss
Pick NoteCompensatory selection
2005524(160)FalconsMichael BoleyLBSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Denver
2005724(238)ChiefsJeremy ParquetOTSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Green Bay
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XLIII
2004523(155)VikingsRod DavisLBSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Baltimore
2004618(183)BengalsGreg BrooksDBSouthern Miss
2004621(186)FalconsEtric PruittDBSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Miami
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XL
2003612(185)EaglesJeremy BridgesOTSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Washington through Green Bay
2002637(209)RavensChad WilliamsDBSouthern Miss
2002721(232)SeahawksJeff KellyQBSouthern Miss
2001419(114)GiantsCedric ScottDESouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Detroit
2001521(152)ColtsRaymond WallsDBSouthern Miss
200168(171)CowboysDaleroy StewartDTSouthern Miss
2001740(240)CowboysJohn NixDTSouthern Miss
200025(36)EaglesTodd PinkstonWRSouthern Miss
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XXXIX
2000330(92)JaguarsT.J. SlaughterLBSouthern Miss
2000620(186)RavensAdalius ThomasDESouthern Miss
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 2006; Super Bowl Losses: XLII
2000634(200)SaintsSherrod GideonWRSouthern Miss
1998214(44)Dolphins Patrick SurtainDBSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Carolina
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 2002; All Pro Second Team: 2003
199852(125)Cardinals Terry HardyTESouthern Miss
1998623(176)Patriots Harold ShawRBSouthern Miss
1998632(185)Lions Jamaal AlexanderDBSouthern Miss
199444(107)Cardinals Perry CarterDBSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom New England
1992119(19)Falcons Tony SmithRBSouthern Miss
1992516(128)Raiders Derrick HoskinsDBSouthern Miss
1992524(136)Oilers Tim RobertsDTSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Dallas
199126(33)Falcons Brett FavreQBSouthern Miss
DistinctionsMVP: 1995,1996,1997; All Pro First Team: 1995, 1996, 1997; All Pro Second Team: 2001, 2002, 2007; Offensive Player of the Year: 1995; Super Bowl Wins: XXXI; Super Bowl Losses: XXXII
199162(141)Browns Michael JacksonWRSouthern Miss
1991728(195)Giants Simmie CarterDBSouthern Miss
1990920(240)Browns Eugene RowellWRSouthern Miss
1990119(285)Lions Reginald WarnsleyRBSouthern Miss
1989419(103)Seahawks James HenryDBSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Philadelphia
1988520(129)Colts John BaylorDBSouthern Miss
1986821(215)Jets Robert DucksworthDBSouthern Miss
198528(36)Oilers Richard ByrdDESouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Tampa Bay through Denver
1984123(23)Steelers Louis LippsWRSouthern Miss
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 1984, 1985; Offensive Rookie of the Year: 1984
1984814(210)Saints Clemon TerrellRBSouthern Miss
198499(233)Falcons Glen HoweOTSouthern Miss
19841126(306)Dolphins Bud BrownDBSouthern Miss
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XIX
1983622(162)Cowboys Reggie CollierQBSouthern Miss
1982520(131)Broncos Sammy WinderRBSouthern Miss
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XXI, XXII, XXIV
1982104(255)Browns Ricky FloydRBSouthern Miss
1981122(22)Browns Hanford DixonDBSouthern Miss
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1986, 1987; All Pro Second Team: 1988
1981314(70)Chiefs Marvin HarveyTESouthern Miss
1981127(311)Packers Cliff LewisLBSouthern Miss
1978511(121)Lions Amos FowlerOGSouthern Miss
197867(145)Bills Eric SmithOTSouthern Miss
Pick Notefrom Philadelphia
1978623(161)Colts Ben GarryRBSouthern Miss
19771120(299)Bengals Carl AllenDBSouthern Miss
19771223(330)Rams Barry CaudillCSouthern Miss
1976920(257)Dolphins Norris ThomasDBSouthern Miss
1976138(355)Packers Bradley BowmanDBSouthern Miss
19751111(271)Oilers John SawyerTESouthern Miss
197426(32)Colts Fred CookDESouthern Miss
1974617(147)Falcons Doyle OrangeRBSouthern Miss
1974116(266)Jets Eugene BirdDBSouthern Miss
19741120(280)Cowboys Harvey McGeeWRSouthern Miss
19741318(330)Raiders Mike DenneryLBSouthern Miss
1973123(23)Raiders Ray GuyPTSouthern Miss
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1976, 1977, 1978; All Pro Second Team: 1980; Super Bowl Wins: XI, XV, XVIII
19691320(332)Browns Tom BoutwellQBSouthern Miss
19691714(430)Oilers Hank AutryCSouthern Miss
1968211(38)Redskins Tom RousselLBSouthern Miss
1968623(161)Rams Bobby WebbCSouthern Miss
1967820(205)Browns Bill DevrowDBSouthern Miss