2016118(18)ColtsRyan KellyCAlabama
2015129(29)ColtsPhillip DorsettWRMiami (FL)
2013124(24)ColtsBjoern WernerDEFlorida State
201211(1)ColtsAndrew LuckQBStanford
2011122(22)ColtsAnthony CastonzoOTBoston College
2010131(31)ColtsJerry HughesOLBTCU
2009127(27)ColtsDonald BrownRBConnecticut
2007132(32)ColtsAnthony GonzalezWROhio State
2006130(30)ColtsJoseph AddaiRBLSU
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XLI
2005129(29)ColtsMarlin JacksonDBMichigan
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XLI
2003124(24)ColtsDallas ClarkTEIowa
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XLI
2002111(11)ColtsDwight FreeneyDESyracuse
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 2004, 2005; All Pro Second Team: 2003; Super Bowl Wins: XLI
2001130(30)ColtsReggie WayneWRMiami (FL)
Pick Notefrom N.Y. Giants
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 2007; Super Bowl Wins: XLI
2000128(28)ColtsRob MorrisLBBrigham Young
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XLI
199914(4)Colts Edgerrin JamesRBMiami (FL)
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1999; All Pro Second Team: 2000, 2004; Offensive Rookie of the Year: 1999; Super Bowl Losses: XLIII
199811(1)Colts Peyton ManningQBTennessee
DistinctionsHeisman Finalist: 1997 (2nd); MVP: 2003, 2004, 2008; All Pro First Team: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008; All Pro Second Team: 1999, 2000, 2006; Offensive Player of the Year: 2004; Super Bowl Wins: XLI
1997119(19)Colts Tarik GlennOTCalifornia
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XLI
1996119(19)Colts Marvin HarrisonWRSyracuse
Pick Notefrom Atlanta
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1999, 2002, 2006; All Pro Second Team: 2000,2001, 2003, 2004, 2005; Super Bowl Wins: XLI
1995115(15)Colts Ellis JohnsonDTFlorida
199412(2)Colts Marshall FaulkRBSan Diego State
DistinctionsHeisman Finalist: 1992 (2nd); MVP: 2000; All Pro First Team: 1999, 2000, 2001; All Pro Second Team: 1994, 1995, 1998; Offensive Player of the Year: 1999, 2000, 2001; Offensive Rookie of the Year: 1994; Super Bowl Wins: XXXIV; Super Bowl Losses: XXXVI
199415(5)Colts Trev AlbertsLBNebraska
Pick Notefrom L.A. Rams
1993116(16)Colts Sean DawkinsWRCalifornia
199211(1)Colts Steve EmtmanDEWashington
199212(2)Colts Quentin CoryattLBTexas A&M
Pick Notefrom Tampa Bay
199011(1)Colts Jeff GeorgeQBIllinois
Pick Notefrom Atlanta
1989122(22)Colts Andre RisonWRMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Philadelphia
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1990; All Pro Second Team: 1991, 1992, 1993; Super Bowl Wins: XXXI
198712(2)Colts Cornelius BennettLBAlabama
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1988
198614(4)Colts Jon HandDEAlabama
Pick Notefrom New Orleans
198515(5)Colts Duane BickettLBUSC
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 1987; Defensive Rookie of the Year: 1985
198418(8)Colts Leonard ColemanDBVanderbilt
1984119(19)Colts Ron SoltOGMaryland
Pick Notefrom Denver
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 1987
198311(1)Colts John ElwayQBStanford
DistinctionsHeisman Finalist: 1982 (2nd); MVP: 1987; All Pro Second Team: 1987, 1993, 1996; Hall of Fame Induction: 2004; Super Bowl Wins: XXXII, XXXIII; Super Bowl Losses: XXI, XXII, XXIV
198212(2)Colts Johnie CooksLBMississippi State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XXV
198214(4)Colts Art SchlichterQBOhio State
Pick Notefrom Los Angeles
1981112(12)Colts Randy McMillanRBPittsburgh
1981118(18)Colts Donnell ThompsonDENorth Carolina
Pick Notefrom Minnesota
198015(5)Colts Curtis DickeyRBTexas A&M
1980124(24)Colts Derrick HatchettDBTexas
Pick Notefrom Dallas
197916(6)Colts Barry KraussLBAlabama
1978125(25)Colts Reese McCallTEAuburn
1977126(26)Colts Randy BurkeWRKentucky
1976120(20)Colts Ken NovakDTPurdue
197513(3)Colts Ken HuffOGNorth Carolina
Pick Notefrom Atlanta
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XVIII
197415(5)Colts John DuttonDTNebraska
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1976; All Pro Second Team: 1975
1974124(24)Colts Roger CarrWRLouisiana Tech
Pick Notefrom Los Angeles
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 1976
197312(2)Colts Bert JonesQBLSU
Pick Notefrom New Orleans
DistinctionsMVP: 1976; All Pro First Team: 1976; All Pro Second Team: 1977; Offensive Player of the Year: 1976
1973110(10)Colts Joe EhrmannDTSyracuse
1972122(22)Colts Tom DrougasOTOregon
1971122(22)Colts Don McCauleyRBNorth Carolina
Pick Notefrom Miami
1971126(26)Colts Leonard DunlapDBNorth Texas
1970118(18)Colts Norman BulaichRBTCU
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: V
1969125(25)Colts Eddie HintonWROklahoma
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: V
1968123(23)Colts John WilliamsOTMinnesota
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: V; Super Bowl Losses: III
196711(1)Colts Bubba SmithDEMichigan State
Pick Notefrom New Orleans
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1971; All Pro Second Team: 1968; Super Bowl Wins: V; Super Bowl Losses: III
1967120(20)Colts Jim DetwilerRBMichigan