196911(1)Bills O.J. SimpsonRBUSC
DistinctionsHeisman Finalist: 1967 (2nd), 1968 (1st); MVP: 1973; All Pro First Team: 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976; Offensive Player of the Year: 1973; Hall of Fame Induction: 1985
196912(2)Falcons George KunzOTNotre Dame
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1975; All Pro Second Team: 1973, 1976, 1977
196913(3)Eagles Leroy KeyesRBPurdue
DistinctionsHeisman Finalist: 1967 (3rd), 1968 (2nd)
196914(4)Steelers Joe GreeneDTNorth Texas
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1972, 1973, 1974, 1977; All Pro Second Team: 1975, 1976; Defensive Player of the Year: 1972, 1974; Defensive Rookie of the Year: 1969; Hall of Fame Induction: 1987; Super Bowl Wins: IX, X, XIII, XIV
196915(5)Bengals Greg CookQBCincinnati
196916(6)Patriots Ron SellersWRFlorida State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: VIII
196917(7)49ers Ted KwalickTEPenn State
Pick Notefrom New Orleans
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1972
196918(8)Rams Larry SmithRBFlorida
Pick Notefrom Detroit
196919(9)Chargers Marty DomresQBColumbia
Pick Notefrom Denver
1969110(10)Rams Jim SeymourWRNotre Dame
Pick Notefrom Washington
1969111(11)Dolphins Bill StanfillDEGeorgia
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1972; All Pro Second Team: 1973; Super Bowl Wins: VII, VIII; Super Bowl Losses: VI
1969112(12)Packers Rich MooreDTVillanova
1969113(13)Giants Fred DryerDESan Diego State
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 1974; Super Bowl Losses: XIV
1969114(14)Bears Rufus MayesOTOhio State
1969115(15)Oilers Ron PritchardLBArizona State
1969116(16)49ers Gene WashingtonWRStanford
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1969
1969117(17)Saints John ShinnersOGXavier
Pick Notefrom Minnesota
1969118(18)Chargers Bob BabichLBMiami (OH)
1969119(19)Cardinals Roger WehrliDBMissouri
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1975, 1976, 1977; All Pro Second Team: 1974; Hall of Fame Induction: 2007
1969120(20)Browns Ron JohnsonRBMichigan
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1970
1969121(21)Rams Bob KleinTEUSC
1969122(22)Raiders Art ThomsDTSyracuse
1969123(23)Chiefs Jim MarsalisDBTennessee State
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1970; Super Bowl Wins: IV
1969124(24)Cowboys Calvin HillRBYale
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1969; All Pro Second Team: 1973; Offensive Rookie of the Year: 1969; Super Bowl Wins: VI; Super Bowl Losses: V
1969125(25)Colts Eddie HintonWROklahoma
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: V
1969126(26)Jets Dave FoleyOTOhio State