Detroit Lions 2010 Picks
  • What he brings 

    Suh lacks elite initial quickness but is still above-average. He has outstanding upper-body strength, and while he may not get to the QB regularly at the NFL level, he should be a disruptive pass-rusher who can consistently hurry signal-callers. He also has the potential to develop into an upper-echelon run-stopper who can hold his own when teams run at him and make an occasional play in the backfield.

    Video analysis 

    Video McShay | Edwards

    How he fits 

    This was a great pick for a defense that ranked 32nd overall last year and 25th against the run. While the Lions recently added Corey Williams, they still needed someone to help at the point of attack and to bring stoutness and physical play. Suh is regarded as one of the strongest players on the line of scrimmage this year, and he will undoubtedly tie up blockers, collapse run lanes and change the makeup of the defensive front.