Indianapolis Colts 2012 Picks
  • What he brings: 

    There's no such thing as a can't-miss prospect, but Andrew Luck has everything you're looking for in a quarterback. In terms of physical tools, he has a prototypical frame, strong arm and above-average pocket mobility. In terms of his football intelligence, he has a strong understanding of how to run an offense and he makes sound decisions on the field. Finally, there's no question about his ability to step into an NFL huddle and take charge of it.

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    How he fits: 

    This appears to be a perfect fit of a quarterback's skill set with the Colts' new offensive philosophy. Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians will run a Pittsburgh-style scheme with a lot of bunch formations and movement and some no-huddle. Luck will have a lot of freedom to audible at the line of scrimmage. They want to be a much more run-oriented offense which could set up good play action, which is Luck's strength. This is a perfect offense for him, it's just a shame he won't have a better supporting cast in the beginning.