Philadelphia Eagles 2016 Picks
  • What he brings: 

    One of the top two quarterbacks in this class, Wentz is blessed with a strong combination of size and athleticism. He has very good arm strength to make all the necessary throws. He displays quality accuracy at all three levels. There are some concerns about his lack of experience and making the jump from the FCS level. However, Wentz has the tools, football intelligence, maturity and leadership skills to develop into a quality starting QB in the NFL.

    How he fits: 

    Wentz comes with an excellent physical skill set and overall makeup, but he has just 23 career starts and will be making a significant jump coming from the FCS level to the NFL. Similar to Goff, Wentz goes to an ideal situation -- assuming the Sam Bradford situation works itself out -- where he can have the luxury of being developed the proper way by sitting and learning from head coach Doug Peterson, who has been an excellent mentor at the position. -- Kevin Weidl