Jones latest to make move

Arkansas quarterback Matt Jones has his work cut out for him learning a new position at the highest level. He will be looked at for the first time as a WR/TE. The learning curve will be long, but nobody has enough time to have all the answers. This week's Senior Bowl practices will be the first of many evaluations that will go a long way toward determining how high he will be drafted.

Sometimes scouts and other personnel people throw around ideas of players changing positions without much thought. Most times these experiments are a reach, at best. The expansion of NFL practice squads this year from five to eight makes it somewhat easier to keep an inexperienced player around. But taking a guy in the first day of the draft means you'll need him to contribute immediately, and there will be no time for the practice squad. The NFL is not really a training ground for learning a new trade.

Learning the characteristics of the new position won't be Matt's problem. Acquiring the instincts will be the toughest thing.