ESPN.com evaluation: QB Jason Campbell

Editor's note: Practice notes will be updated daily and a final report will be completed on Friday, Jan. 28.

No player improved his draft value more in 2004 than Jason Campbell. After struggling through three extremely inconsistent seasons, Campbell thrived as a senior in what was his fourth offensive scheme in four years. New offensive coordinator Al Borges found the right fit for Campbell, as his West Coast scheme simplified things and gave Campbell a lot more definitive reads to make. As his confidence grew, so too did his production. Most impressive was Campbell's improvement in regards to his decision-making skills, as he threw 13 more touchdowns (19) than interceptions (6).

Campbell has the physical tools of a first round pick but there are still questions about his accuracy and ability to see the entire field. If he can answer some of those questions this week, he has an opportunity to solidify a spot in the second round of the upcoming draft.