Niners will explore all options

Every NFL team goes into the draft with a to-do list based on its needs, its draft position and its willingness to trade up or down. Our scouts have been doing their homework and present an early look at the most likely scenarios each team will face on draft day. Below is a breakdown of the NFC West.

Arizona Cardinals | Top 5 needs
Coach Dennis Green and vice president of football operations Rod Graves have quietly upgraded their roster during the offseason with the additions of veteran players such as S Robert Griffith, ILB Orlando Huff, DE Chike Okeafor, QB Kurt Warner and ROT Oliver Ross.

The Cardinals are still in the midst of what will be an extensive rebuilding process, but by bringing in experienced players to plug positions of need, they can avoid reaching for lesser-rated prospects at those positions on draft day.

Assuming the proposed L.J. Shelton-for-Travis Henry deal gets worked out in the next few weeks, the Cardinals will have one less pressing need hanging over their heads as they prepare for the draft. From what we have heard most recently, the Cardinals could wind up making the player swap but will also need to switch second-round picks with the Bills, which means they'll move down from pick No. 44 to No. 55.

In that scenario, cornerback becomes the most important position to address early on.