Draft Q&A: Who rose, who fell and why?

From the poking and prodding of the scouting combines to the Red Bull-fueled war-room debates, the stop-watch stressing individual workouts to the truth-is-optional gamesmanship of who's picking whom, the weeks leading up to the NFL draft -- for 32 teams and hundreds of college football's top prospects -- are all about questions.

Saturday was about answers.

We asked two ESPN Insiders -- Gary Horton of Scouts Inc., and former NFL General Manager Randy Mueller -- to provide running analysis during Day 1 of the NFL draft. Following is an edited version of 20 of the most intrigung first-round developments and reactions from Horton and Mueller from Saturday's ESPN.com Draftcast chat.

20 Questions: NFL draft first round

Q: In the end, what made Alex Smith the clear No. 1 choice for the San Francisco 49ers?