Ferguson is safer pick for Saints at No. 2

Much in the NFL draft process has changed over the last month. Per usual, this year's scouting combine sent plenty of prospects shooting up and down team draft boards. Furthermore, the free-agency period finally started, and the volatile market has generated a daily fluctuation in team needs.

With that in mind, there also is much left to be determined between now and April 29. Most prospects still have an opportunity to improve their draft stock at pro days and during individual workouts. And with the free-agency period still in full swing, the top of the draft still is far from clear. Regardless, here's a look at how the 2006 NFL draft is shaping up with six weeks remaining:

+ = Underclassman

1. Houston Texans (2-14)

Top five needs: OG, OT, MLB, WR, RB
The pick: +Reggie Bush, RB, USC
The Texans would entertain legitimate trade-down offers to stockpile draft picks and address more pressing needs. However, since the Saints stole the leverage by signing QB Drew Brees in free agency, Houston is not likely to field many enticing proposals. Bush is a special talent who instantly will upgrade the Texans' rushing game, passing game and return game.

2. New Orleans Saints (3-13)

Top five needs: OLB, C, DT, OT, OG