Raiders targeting Young?

As expected, the Saints continue to leak rumors of their interest in USC's Matt Leinart following their private session with the quarterback on Wednesday. This is nothing more than a ploy to generate increased trade interest from teams legitimately coveting Leinart.

The Raiders reportedly have serious interest in making a deal for the Saints' No. 2 overall selection, but Oakland is hoping to land Texas QB Vince Young, not Leinart. The Raiders might be falling for the Titans' tactic of publicizing that they prefer Young over Leinart at the No. 3 pick, which is also a likely smoke screen.

Raiders owner Al Davis is said to believe Young is a franchise-changing playmaker. Much like how Giants general manager Ernie Accorsi orchestrated the trade for Eli Manning in 2004, Davis apparently feels his window of opportunity is fleeting and sees Young as the type of difference-maker who could lead his beloved Raiders to a final Super Bowl run under his watch.