Vikings, Saints working overtime

Former Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick made headline news when he received an invitation to attend Dolphins camp. However, Vick did not even rank among the best prospects overlooked during the 2006 NFL draft. The following is a breakdown of the top-10 players on my board still available follwing the draft, and where they've subsequently signed as free agents:

1. Charles Gordon, DC/RS, Kansas -- Minnesota Vikings

Gordon should simply be considered an "athlete", rather than labeled as a receiver or cornerback. He seemed far more comfortable at the wide receiver position in college, but might have more upside at cornerback in the NFL. Regardless, it was his marginal 40-yard dash times that kept him from being drafted. If the Vikings give him the proper coaching and time to develop, Gordon could emerge as a good sub-package cornerback and punt return specialist.

2. Brian Iwuh, DS/OLB, Colorado -- Jacksonville Jaguars
Iwuh isn't an ideal fit at either safety or linebacker, so it's unlikely he ever becomes a fulltime starter in the NFL. However, he has the versatility to line up as a nickel linebacker or situational run-stuffing safety. He also has the athletic ability, burst and tenacity to make an immediate impact on special teams. As a result, it won't be surprising to see Iwuh earn a roster spot for the Jaguars.