Draft Q&A: Who rose, who fell and why?

NEW YORK -- Mario Williams or Reggie Bush? Matt Leinart or Vince Young? Boost the offense or bolster the defense? Best athlete available or address a need? Trade up, trade down or stay put, close your eyes, throw a dart and pray? The weeks leading up to the NFL draft -- for 32 teams and hundreds of college football's top prospects -- are all about questions.

Saturday was about answers.

We asked Scouts Inc. analysts and ESPN Insiders Jeremy Green, Todd McShay, Keith Kidd and Gary Horton to provide running analysis during Day 1 of the NFL draft. Following is an edited version of the most intriguing first-round developments and reactions from Saturday's ESPN.com Draftcast chat.

20 Questions from the First Round of the 2006 NFL Draft

Q: Many analysts questioned the Houston Texans' decision to bypass Reggie Bush and select North Carolina State DE Mario Williams No. 1 overall, with Todd McShay calling it a "mistake of epic proportions." Should Houston have selected Bush?