Breaking down the fourth round

NEW YORK -- Our scouts break down the fourth round of the 2006 NFL draft.

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Inside the fourth round

Teams generally regroup after Day 1 in order to re-organize their boards. When the dust settles after a hectic first day, there are usually a few prospects that were never expected to be available. At that point, teams often will decide to steer away from needs in order to target a player of great value who slipped to the second day as a result of poor character, durability issues or inconsistent effort.

This year we've seen much of the same, as some bigger name prospects -- Penn State WR/RB Michael Robinson (49ers), USC DS Darnell Bing (Raiders), Michigan NT Gabe Watson (Cardinals), Michigan WR Jason Avant (Eagles) and Oregon WR Demetrius Williams (Ravens) -- surprisingly were available in the fourth round.

Here are some observations on Sunday's fourth round: