Recent history won't influence Lions' pick

Assuming QB JaMarcus Russell is the top overall pick by the Raiders, the most dramatic 15 minutes of the 2007 draft will occur when Detroit goes on the clock with pick No. 2.

The most recent information I'm getting is the Lions have basically boiled it down to two options. Their top priority is to trade out of the second pick, acquire additional selections and select the best available prospect (ideally Clemson DE Gaines Adams) with their new pick later in the first round.

If they can't strike a reasonable deal, Georgia Tech WR Calvin Johnson becomes the choice. He is the top overall prospect on their value board, the Lions are prepared to deal with the criticism that likely would come with selecting Johnson, since they have drafted three first-round wide receivers in the past four drafts. It's a tough pill to swallow, but GM Matt Millen would be making the right choice.