Current pros make good prospect comparisons

One of the easiest and best ways a front office can determine how a prospect's skills translate to the NFL level is to compare him to a player in the league. Is Cal DC Daymeion Hughes the next Champ Bailey or the next Ronde Barber? Is Fresno State WR Paul Williams the next Chad Johnson or Ashley Lelie?

In Williams' case, Minnesota Vikings WR Travis Taylor immediately comes to mind because Taylor is a poster boy for unrealized potential. Both possess a rare blend of size, athletic ability and speed that they just haven't taken advantage of on a consistent basis. They round routes off, give up on plays to the opposite side of the field and fail to come down with what should be routine catches. The good news for Williams is he is considerably younger so he has more upside.

Of course, prospects aren't clones. While they share key traits they aren't exact matches. Houston QB Kevin Kolb is an excellent example. Kolb compares favorably to Seattle's Matt Hasselbeck. Both show good pocket presence, can lead receivers when throwing underneath and are leaders on the field. It's also worth noting that Hasselbeck didn't start a game until his third season in the league because Kolb should need some time to get acclimated to the NFL. The differences are that Kolb loses the strike zone more than Hasselbeck but is slightly more athletic.