Juniors Kelly, Manningham atop 2008 WR class

The wide receiver class of 2008 includes 14 underclassmen, six of whom could come off the board in the first two rounds. That is an indicator of how deep this class is, and it is a class that can be broken down into five categories:

Elite class
Checking in at around 6-foot-4 and 215 pounds, both Malcolm Kelly and Limas Sweed look the part of a premier NFL wide receiver. There are a handful of other big receivers with solid 40 times and big-play production to match, but what separates Kelly and Sweed from the others is their ability to separate from coverage. They are exceptionally fluid for their size. Sweed is the more polished of the two, but Kelly has stronger hands. We currently give Kelly a slight edge simply because of Sweed's lingering wrist injury.