Booty bounces back; Oregon WR Williams burns ASU

Matchups between two top prospects or a highly rated individual and an outstanding unit on the other side of the ball always make a scout sit up in his chair and take notice, even after hours spent poring over game film. Such matchups have arguably the greatest impact on a player's draft status, and here are five that caught my eye this weekend:

USC QB John David Booty vs. Oregon State's pass defense
It's important to put the Trojans' 24-3 win over the Beavers in the proper perspective when discussing Booty. For starters, USC lost to Oregon State by two points last year and the Beavers entered the game on a three-game winning streak while the Trojans had unexpectedly dropped two of their past four games. Making matters far worse, Booty missed the previous three games with a finger injury and the Beavers' run defense is one of the strongest in the nation, so USC absolutely had to be able to move the ball through the air. But rather than wilting under the pressure -- and it would have been easy to do that after losing a fumble early in the second quarter -- Booty stepped up to the challenge.