Titans had best draft class of the AFC South, by far

Editor's note: Scouts Inc.'s philosophy is to wait three years before judging a draft class. As the 2008 draft approaches, we are looking back at the 2005 draft to determine how teams fared.

The Titans clearly did the best out of the AFC South in this draft. They focused on solidifying their offensive line, while the rest of the division focused mainly on defense. The Colts drafted some key players who were part of their Super Bowl run, and the Jaguars took a chance on a quarterback-turned-wide receiver. However, the Texans came close to failing.

Houston Texans
The Texans' front office apparently was not accustomed to picking so low in the first round and failed to generate much from its 16th overall selection, Travis Johnson. He still has a chance to develop into an impact player, but this is a class that didn't help this expansion club much at all.