Stafford leads impressive junior quarterback crop

Juniors shouldn't even be thinking about the 2009 NFL draft at this point. Still, it's hard not to notice the building story line that is the exceptionally gifted 2010 quarterback class. Considering no senior signal-caller currently appears worthy of a first-round draft choice, the temptation for some of these underclassmen to leave school early could be tough to resist. Here's an early look at what could be the NFL's next generation of star gunslingers, whenever they decide to come out.

1. Matthew Stafford, Georgia
Positives: Prototypical NFL quarterback size. Continues to improve with experience and is not blessed with a great supporting cast. Shows quick feet and can buy some time as a passer. Also possesses an absolute riffle for an arm; nobody in the college game can fit the ball into tight spots like Stafford can.
Negatives: Forces some throws and makes too many mental mistakes when the pocket is collapsing around him.

2. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
Positives: Tall and athletically gifted. Most accurate passer in college football today.
Negatives: Needs to fill out his frame a bit and prove he's capable of holding up physically for a full season.