RBs and trades generating buzz

It comes as no surprise that Ohio State RB Chris "Beanie" Wells is one of the most talked-about prospects in NFL circles right now because Wells is blessed with undeniable natural tools. At 230-plus pounds, he is a powerful back with exceptional feet for his size and home-run burst.

Watching a healthy and motivated Wells on tape makes it easy to ignore the warning signs, which include inexperience in the passing game, durability issues and questionable self-motivation and mental toughness.

Any running backs coach in the league worth his salt will tirelessly sell Wells to his team's decision-makers. If properly coached and motivated, Wells can quickly emerge as an NFL star and become his position coach's meal ticket, and that's where the general manager must lend critical perspective. In addition to Wells' individual risk factor, teams considering him must weigh the short shelf life of running backs in the NFL and the considerable success rate of later-round running backs.

It's a discussion taking place within team facilities throughout the NFL and one that will continue in certain draft rooms until Wells is finally off the board.

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