Harvin shows versatility; Pittsburgh QB Stull flashes strong arm

Percy Harvin shredded Vandy no matter how he got the ball in his hands. Charles Sonnenblick/Getty Images

Florida RB/WR Percy Harvin vs. Vanderbilt's defense
Harvin rushed for 60 yards and a touchdown on nine carries, and he caught three passes for 32 yards in the Gators' 42-14 win over Vanderbilt. He is one of the most versatile players in the nation, and Florida lined him up all over the field against the Commodores. Take Harvin's 21-yard run on first-and-10 in the second quarter. With the ball at the Vanderbilt 43-yard line, Harvin lines up at quarterback and the Gators run a quarterback counter left, then Harvin takes a step right before cutting back to the left and following the kickout block of TE Aaron Hernandez. Harvin accelerates through the seam and shows excellent balance, bouncing off Commodores SS Reshard Langford to pick up an additional three yards. Harvin also lined up at quarterback on a one-yard touchdown run in the third quarter, doing a good job of hitting the line of scrimmage at full speed and lowering his shoulder to get into the end zone.

Of course, Harvin lined up at receiver as well and showcased his ability to exploit mismatches working out of the slot. On first-and-3 in the first quarter with the ball on the Vanderbilt 43-yard line, Harvin lines up in the slot to the left side of the formation opposite Commodores nickelback Darlron Spead. At the snap of the ball, Spead slides to the outside and WLB Patrick Benoist tries to pick up Harvin, but Benoist isn't quick or agile enough to stay with Harvin when Harvin breaks to the inside. Harvin separates from the coverage, catches the ball in stride and picks up the first down.

Finally, Harvin lined up at running back in certain situations, and one of the times he lined up there he lost a fumble. In fairness, the play was reviewed and the decision to stick with the ruling on the field was controversial because Harvin appeared to be down when the ball came out. However, the fumble came on a first-and-goal play in the second quarter when he extended the ball away from his frame in an effort to break the plane, and Harvin needs to cover the ball up in that situation and give the Gators another chance to get into the end zone.