Scouts like Trojan and Wolverine QBs

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Todd McShay breaks down the recent draft trends at quarterback, including which schools produce the best players and which have turned out the most busts. To see this and more, become an ESPN Insider.Insider

NFL talent evaluators have lost most bias when it comes to evaluating prospective quarterbacks -- and for good reason. There is simply no right path to becoming a successful NFL signal-caller.

For example, you have to go 25 deep on the NFL's list of 2008 passer efficiency leaders to find a pair of quarterbacks from the same school. Former Purdue standouts Drew Brees (Saints) and Kyle Orton (Bears) make up the first tandem at No. 4 and 25, respectively.

Of the other 30 quarterbacks making up the top-32 list in 2008, 25 played their college ball for different FBS programs, while five others made the leap from the FCS ranks.

Greater national exposure and the outbreak of spread-offensive attacks in college football are two of the reasons for the diversity. Still, while there is no true Quarterback U at the moment, there are some school/conference trends to follow when searching for a signal-caller. Here's a look at a few: