Raji proves top-five worthy at pro day

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How did things turn out for some big-name prospects at their respective pro day workouts? To find out become an ESPN Insider.Insider

Scouts Inc. was on hand for a pair of on-campus pro day workouts on March 12, taking in showcases at Boston College and West Virginia and getting a first-hand look at a pair of big-name prospects.

Eagles DT B.J. Raji did nothing to discourage the thinking that he is one of the top five players in the draft, while West Virginia QB Pat White had talent evaluators scratching their heads over the makeup of his workout.

Here's a look at how the day went on both campuses:

Boston College

The scene in Chestnut Hill on Thursday was not nearly as crazy as the one that unfolded before the 2008 draft -- when QB Matt Ryan worked out in front of hordes of NFL personnel and media members -- but representatives from 15 teams were inside the Alumni Stadium Bubble to witness workouts by players from Boston College and other Northeast colleges.

The sheet handed out by Boston College officials indicated that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, general manager Mike Tannenbaum and assistant general manger Scott Cohen were all in attendance, and teams rarely send that kind of firepower unless they are keenly interested in a specific prospect. In this case, the two biggest draws were Boston College DTs Raji and Ron Brace. The Jets would likely have to give up too much in order to trade up from No.17 overall to select Raji, but they could use a young nose tackle to back up Kris Jenkins, so it's likely they were looking for more information on Brace.