2010 QB class loaded with talent

Most think of the 2010 quarterback class as a three-headed monster of Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy, but fourth-year junior Jevan Snead has entered the discussion and is now as much of a top prospect as the other three. Here's a look at the five categories Scouts Inc. uses to evaluate quarterback prospects for the NFL and which player ranks at the top of each category:

Mental capacity: McCoy -- McCoy is a gamer with an excellent football IQ. He plays with rare poise and has an uncanny knack for delivering in key situations. In addition to performing well under pressure late in games, McCoy is the most effective of the bunch on third-down conversions, which is the most underrated aspect of the quarterback evaluation process.

Accuracy: Bradford -- Bradford is the most accurate passer in college football today. He displays good mechanics, including excellent balance. Bradford steps into most of his throws, drives off his back leg and uses a good follow-through. In addition, his use of the pump fake is underrated. He frequently gets receivers open by looking or pumping off the safety or linebacker.