Injuries, character take center stage

The 2010 draft class is loaded with talent. Unfortunately, it's also loaded with baggage. From durability questions to character concerns, it seems most of the top storylines to follow at the NFL combine have nothing to do with 40-yard dash times, bench press results or position-specific drills.

With that in mind, here's a brief breakdown of the five prospects whose interviews and medical exams will receive the most scrutiny:

Toughest interviews

1. Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant: Bryant is the most talented wide receiver coming out of the college ranks since Calvin Johnson (Lions) in 2007. Unlike Johnson, Bryant comes with some red flags. For starters, there is his well-publicized suspension for the final 10 games of the 2009 season for lying to an NCAA investigator who was looking into Bryant's offseason meeting with former NFL player Deion Sanders.