Behind the Big Board

Every week when we get the latest version of the Big Board, there are always questions. That's why we plan a little grill session with Mel to accompany it.

Pretty clear what made the splash this week, with Jake Locker and Jimmy Clausen jumping into the fray.

Kiper: We got one more chance to see them both play, and they were both really impressive this weekend.

One at a time. Let's start with Clausen. Why the jump?

Kiper: I'll tell you what he does. First of all, you're still talking about a kid who's playing hurt, so consider that. Secondly, he just brings a lot of skills to the table. He throws really well on the run, and has become good in that department when they really couldn't block for him. He also locates the open receiver. That always sounds like such a standard thing, but you're talking about a guy that lost his best receiver in Michael Floyd, and it hasn't rattled him. He still makes his reads and just doesn't care who gets the ball -- the open guy gets the ball.

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