Behind the Big Board: McCoy's stock

Just like in this photo, Colt McCoy is going down -- in terms of stock, that is. Getty Images

Behind the Big Board accompanies the release of every Mel Kiper Jr. Big Board (here's the newest one, released online Nov. 11) leading up to the 2010 NFL draft, explaining why players moved up and down the rankings, and other hot topics associated with the Board.

People have asked me a lot why Colt McCoy has dropped on the Board throughout the season. I'm never going to be a guy who relies on numbers to tell the story, and the quarterback position is a place where you can get into a lot of trouble if you do. If you want to play a numbers game, you can say that McCoy has struggled some compared with last year -- his YPA is down well over a yard (8.91 to 7.72) and his TD-INT ratio has also gotten worse; it was 34-8 last year and is 17-9 this year. But that has a lot to do with personnel as well.

He lost a field-stretching target in Quan Cosby and the running game has been a weak spot. The Horns don't have a player with more than 275 yards on the ground, so defenses have been able to sit back and defend the pass a bit more this year.

But put all of that aside. McCoy is a smart, resourceful player who does what he can within the system Texas has and with the players he has around him. And he wins.

But where do I see him?