Mel Kiper's top 5 juniors by position

Biggest news here: I elevated Jake Locker of the Washington Huskies to No. 2 among QBs. That moved Sam Bradford of the Oklahoma Sooners to No. 3. I had Bradford at No. 1 among junior quarterbacks all summer and most of the fall -- even with his injury against BYU -- but last week, Jimmy Clausen jumped him. Clausen is now officially entering the 2010 NFL draft, and I still have him as my No. 1 QB. The other big move I made here was Ryan Matthews of Fresno State going to No. 2 among RBs. Matthews was great this year for the Bulldogs -- 245 carries for more than 1,650 yards and 17 touchdowns on the ground. He'll be a solid pro. Keep checking back as we get into bowl season.